How Can You Sell Your House In A Difficult Market? Tips for Selling Your Property In Birmingham During Challenging Times

November 2nd, 2023

With winter on the horizon, shorter days and darker evenings we are entering a season not typically associated with increased property sales. Interest rates and inflation are still in the news and Birmingham’s housing market is anything but traditional at the moment. So, you may be wondering how can you sell your house in a difficult market?

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of selling your property in Birmingham when the market isn’t entirely in your favour. Because – with the right estate agent, and some preparation, it can be done!

Consult with Your Birmingham Estate Agent: Dean Coleman Powered by eXp

First things first, have an in-depth conversation with your estate agent in Birmingham, and not just about settling on an asking price. Marketing your home is a ball game that goes beyond just listing your property on property portals like Rightmove and Zoopla!

Your agent can offer invaluable advice on reducing your property’s time on the market and achieving the best price for you. But it doesn’t hurt to equip yourself with additional strategies to navigate a challenging housing market.

The Power of Open House Viewings

How can you sell your house in a difficult market? Use the open house strategy, traditionally more prevalent in the United States, but gradually gaining traction here in the UK. During an open house, your property is marketed as available for viewings for a specific time – say, a morning or an entire weekend. The event is publicised on your estate agent’s website, social media, and through direct invitations to ‘hot buyers’ – those eager, qualified buyers that agents keep tabs on.

The perk? You only need to host one big viewing session and can concentrate all your house-prepping efforts into squeezing every opportunity out of that event.

The Art of Home Staging

Staging an empty home can make a world of difference in helping prospective buyers visualize their life in your property. Instead of showcasing barren rooms, consider investing in rental furniture to fill the space thoughtfully. Furnishing an empty dining room with a table, chairs, and perhaps some elegant place settings can create an inviting atmosphere.

But don’t stop at the big furniture pieces; think details. Fresh flowers, coffee table books, or a stylish rug can add the perfect finishing touches. Sometimes it’s these little flourishes that stick in people’s minds and make your property stand out.

Sprucing Up with Home Styling

If you are still living in the property and it’s furnished, then a professional home stylist can elevate its appeal. A stylist can recommend a range of low-cost yet high-impact enhancements, from modern wall art to strategically-placed lamps that create warm, inviting spaces. Think of this as the “lipstick and mascara” for your home; small touches that make a big difference.

Colour coordination is another critical aspect. Your stylist might suggest introducing throws, blankets, or curtains that complement the existing décor. It’s about creating a cohesive aesthetic that tells a story, making your property not just a building but a potential home for buyers.

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Is Now a Good Time to Sell a House?

While the UK market is showing resilience, it’s essential to recognise that local markets like Birmingham may vary. So, is now a good time to sell a house? The answer could differ depending on your specific area.

If you find that you need to pull out all the stops to attract a buyer, the strategies above can be invaluable. As always, discuss your situation with a knowledgeable estate agent in Birmingham.

By implementing these tips and working closely with your estate agent in Birmingham, you’re setting the stage for a successful sale – even in a difficult market. So why wait?

What Next?

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How Can You Sell Your House In A Difficult Market