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How To Value My House

Thinking of selling your property in Birmingham and wondering ‘how to value my house’? Your first port of call is likely to be an estate agent in Birmingham to help you determine the value of your home. But do you ever wonder what’s going on behind the scenes during that all-important valuation appointment? Let’s unravel […]

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Should I Put Christmas Decorations Up If I'm Selling My House

Are you asking yourself “should I put Christmas decorations up if I’m selling my house?” This is a great question because, of course, not all buyers will appreciate your décor. In fact, research by Get Agent has shown that 38% of potential buyers said that if they were put off viewing a property during the […]

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Birmingham Property Prep Preparing Your Home For Winter

If you’re a homeowner in Birmingham, preparing your home for winter is a job for right now! With strong winds, rain, storms, frost and snow all likely, we’ve put together three top tips to help you get your home in good shape for the winter season. Winter Tip 1. Maintain Warmth To Avoid Mould A […]

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moving home in Birmingham moving home checklist

Moving can be an exciting yet stressful time for anyone. It’s not just the physical move that can take its toll, but the planning and preparation too. So, to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible, we’ve created a moving home checklist to help you plan and prepare for moving day. Start Your Checklist Plan […]

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Staging A House On A Budget

Selling your property in Birmingham is an exciting but often challenging time. To attract potential buyers and secure an offer, you may be thinking of staging a house on a budget! Indeed, to present your home in the best possible light, home staging is a worthwhile consideration. While professional staging services can be costly, you […]

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School Catchment Areas and Property Prices Information for Homebuyers in Birmingham

When it comes to purchasing a property in Birmingham, many prospective buyers focus on the concept of school catchment areas and how that can impact their child’s educational future and the value of their property. This article explores this important topic, and offers key information for buyers considering property in Birmingham. Importantly, as an estate […]

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