5 Things to Expect When You List Your Home For Sale

November 9th, 2020

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"content_area": "5 Things to Expect When You List Your Home For Sale\r\n\r\nSelling your home is an exciting time, but it’s no time to get complacent and just expect offers to come rolling in 💪\r\n\r\nHere are 5 things you should expect after your home hits the market:\r\n\r\n📱 Pictures v Reality: Your home needs to closely resemble its listing photos as much as possible, so take this time to get rid of clutter to pique buyers’ interest and make rooms look as spacious as possible\r\n\r\n🖼 Criticism: Your taste isn’t the same as everyone else’s so prepare for your home to be critiqued. Don’t take it personally, though. Take it as constructive criticism as use it to best prepare your home for selling.\r\n\r\n🖌 Repairs: They say never judge a book by its cover but this isn’t always true when it comes to your home. If it isn’t up to scratch, you won’t get offers. Simple things like gardening, small repairs and a lick of paint can make a big difference so pick up those brushes!\r\n\r\n🕛 Schedule: You’ll find you’ll have to chop and change plans to accommodate viewers and also factor in no-shows, so be prepared to be as flexible as you can\r\n\r\n💷 Expenses: If you’re selling your home to purchase another, you need to take into considering addition costs i.e. energy performance certificates, final bills and removals.\r\n\r\nLast and most crucial point….list your home for a realistic price. Don’t be tempted into going on the market for a price which isn’t realistic. SOME, not all Estate Agents, WILL overprice your home to tie you into a long contract, knowing that in a few weeks they’ll ask for the price reduction….NO!!! First they must do something different OR actually get the price right in the first place.\r\n\r\nMake sure you receive from the agent, their list of comparable properties used to come to that figure. They should mostly use: COMPLETED properties, then Sold Subject To Contract and lastly For Sale. The latter two must be discussed further, detail around the length of time on the market, price reductions and how many. Simply saying \”this is on for that so yours is the same\” is not good enough.\r\n\r\nFor an honest, accurate and realistic valuation call or message me, seven days a week.”,
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